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SwiftMD benefits payers, employers, and patients alike.

SwiftMD group plans provide excellent, convenient care from exceptional physicians. At the same time, our plans are structured to benefit your organization, whether you are a payer, a business, a union, or a school. SwiftMD helps manage costs by recommending the right treatment at the right time and reducing absenteeism by making care immediately accessible.

SwiftMD also enhances progressive benefits tools, including Wellness Plans. In conjunction with consumer-directed programs, SwiftMD could save your organization significantly on healthcare benefits.

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Patients Love It

Members love the convenient access to quality physicians for themselves and their families whenever they get sick.  For so many routine, non-urgent conditions, SwiftMD is a great alternative to waiting hours or days for an office visit, taking time from work or your family, and driving halfway across town only to wait 45 minutes or an hour for a few minutes with your doctor.

Access Care from Anywhere

SwiftMD physicians diagnose common medical problems over the telephone or videoconference, and provide prescriptions for medications and lab tests. Our doctors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whether members are at the office, at home or on the road.

Provide Quality Care

Our physicians are board-certified in family practice or emergency medicine, and all have over ten years experience. They’ve received extensive training in telemedicine. Because of the quality of our physician staff, patient care is superior to the care available at many local urgent care or general practice offices—it is faster, more convenient and of the highest quality.

Increase productivity

Illness and injury impact productivity. Traditionally, employees miss work to seek medical attention for themselves or their families, or they may let illnesses drag on, decreasing their own productivity and spreading illness to others. They also may fail to quickly report and resolve workplace injuries.

SwiftMD gives employees instant, convenient access to quality care at work, at home or on the road. The result: employees more readily seek treatment and miss fewer work days. They even resolve workplace injury issues faster, saving time and money.

Superior Savings

SwiftMD offers savings to both employers and employees by redirecting visits from higher cost traditional healthcare settings, including the ER. Hidden healthcare costs impact your bottom line, whether from work-time lost to illness, or employees accessing unneeded and costly care. Our telemedicine model allows members to access quality care more conveniently -- and more cost-effectively.

Enhance Progressive Benefits Tools

SwiftMD adds value to the wide variety of medical savings accounts now available. HRAs, HSAs and Flex Plans become more effective when employees have a high-quality, low-cost option for using pre-tax healthcare funds. SwiftMD also works well with high-deductible plans as an affordable alternative for routine and urgent care.

Improve Wellness Programs

Wellness programs only work if patients use them. The number-one reason they don’t work: lack of access to qualified medical advice. Many patients report they want to speak with a doctor, not a nurse. SwiftMD offers consultations for wellness and preventive issues from smoking cessation to weight loss to exercise, plus a comprehensive database on health-related topics. SwiftMD improves the overall health of our members, which helps keep benefits costs in check.

SwiftClinic at your workplace, clinic, or pharmacy.

SwiftClinic is a state-of-the-art health station for face-to-face doctor/patient interactions, while health monitoring instruments send temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, EKG and other medical readings to medical staff. A SwiftClinic health station in the workplace, clinic or pharmacy:

  • Encourages patients to participate fully in wellness programs
  • Keeps patients on the job and productive by making care convenient
  • Promotes routine healthcare and early treatment of minor illnesses
  • Speeds the completion of incident reports for workers’ compensation claims

SwiftClinic is the ultimate healthcare convenience. It makes excellent care available when and where you need it.

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