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Healthcare everyone can appreciate – including the people in finance.

Integrating SwiftMD benefits everyone.

SwiftMD offers advantages for everyone involved with health care benefits, including employees. From curtailing rising healthcare costs, to offering a new option for high-quality, convenient health care - SwiftMD offers something for everyone.

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CFOs like how SwiftMD adds up.

SwiftMD contributes to a healthy bottom line. 

When paired with other consumer-directed insurance products, SwiftMD could save your company a great deal of money. On average, a company with 1,000 employees can save tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by shifting to a consumer-directed plan and integrating SwiftMD. You save in many ways:

  • Helps employees to access immediately the best, appropriate care, rather than going to the ER, Urgent Care, or waiting for an appointment.
  • Offers an unmatched level of convenience so employees actually use it, which means illnesses and injuries are treated early on, heading off more serious problems.
  • Easy access to physicians encourages immediate access by employees and reduces absenteeism due to illness and injury.
  • Affordable care facilitates the shift to higher deductibles while ensuring healthcare needs are met.
  • Low consultation costs maximize every dollar set aside in HSAs, HRAs and Flex Plans.
  • Convenient advice enhances wellness programs to improve employee health.

As costs for healthcare continue to rise, your company can’t afford outdated traditional plans. To learn what your company can save, contact us.

The benefit HR Directors have been waiting for.

Employees appreciate SwiftMD.

It isn’t a matter of if employee benefits will change. They already have. As health insurance costs continue to climb, businesses are choosing to switch to higher deductible policies and new tools, such as HRAs and HSAs. SwiftMD enhances those tools to create a benefit employees will find invaluable. SwiftMD is easy to add to your benefit collection and your employees get:

  • A high-quality, low-cost alternative to traditional primary and urgent care
  • On-demand access to U.S. trained family practice and emergency physicians, anytime, anywhere
  • Easy access that promotes general wellness and better health
  • A convenient way to maximize their HRA, HSA and Flex Plan funds
  • Anytime access to their own comprehensive electronic health record
  • Greater control over the healthcare decisions they make for their families

To learn how SwiftMD could be working for your employees, contact us.

A progressive new tool for third-party administrators.

SwiftMD is just what the administrator ordered.

If your business self-administers benefits through a third-party administrator, SwiftMD is a smart addition to your plan.

  • SwiftMD physicians are the first line of defense and prevent excessive use of ERs.
  • Easy access to preventive care keeps insurance costs in check.
  • Our team effectively increases the size of your in-network physician group.
  • Convenient access to medical advice improves the effectiveness of wellness plans.
  • Return-to-work programs benefit from reduced work time lost to injury.
  • SwiftMD integrates easily into self-administered plans, with little recordkeeping required.

SwiftMD also adds value to other consumer-directed tools commonly used in self-administered plans. HRAs, HSAs and Flex Plans become more effective when employees have a high-quality, low-cost option for using their pre-tax healthcare funds. Contact us to learn more.

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