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What CEOs, CFOs, and HR Directors have to say about how SwiftMD works for their companies

Some Testimonials from our Clients...

"We have partnered with SwiftMD for the past three years, and we have had nothing but positive results. Our employees are spread over 5 states and many work long hours. Given their busy schedules, scheduling "traditional" medical services has always been a challenge. Unfortunately, many times our employees did not seek medical assistance because of timing and costs considerations. Delaying, or forgoing, medical assistance can result in "minor" issues developing into "major" issues, which can then lead to lost time from work and additional costs.

Since we have been using SwiftMD, we have received many favorable comments from our employees, who truly value the convenience of their new benefit. It is one more thing that we can do to assist our employees and their families, and it has been an important factor in helping to keep our, as well as our employees', medical costs in line.

Employees who have used SwiftMD report a very quick turnaround time, including receiving contact from a doctor and being able to pick up prescriptions at a pharmacy. Our employee utilization of SwiftMD has increased every year, and the key to utilization remains continuous communication of this valuable benefit. For anyone considering implementing Telemedicine, I would wholeheartedly recommend SwiftMD."

Director HRMid-Atlantic civil construction company


"I personally see this as a way to handle the increasing shortage of primary care and accessibility. I definitely see the benefit of responsive consultation that allows folks to get on with their day. I know that I will have reduced overtime and absences (scheduled or unscheduled) because of our initiative. And since we went to a high deductible this will help our staff avoid unnecessary medical staff office or ER costs for minor things. Our experience has been very positive. Our staff has been very impressed with SwiftMD."

CEO Southwest Regional Hospital


"Today’s benefits environment challenges employers to come up with creative, affordable new benefits offerings to satisfy employees. SwiftMD allowed us to offer such a benefit – telemedicine. Since implementation, the customer service we have received as a SwiftMD client has been outstanding in terms of the quality and the timeliness of responses to employees and the Human Resources team. We are delighted to recommend SwiftMD to colleagues considering enhancing their benefit offerings, as it has been a major employee satisfier here."

Human Resources Northeast Suburban Hospital


"I wanted to let you know what a great service SwiftMD is and what a wonderful benefit for us to be able to offer our employees. It’s so unique and I personally love knowing I have access to it. My immediate family has used the service twice with great success. I was so grateful to get some medical help and a prescription without having to take time from my day to sit in the doctor’s office."

Director of Finance & Administration Engineering Consulting Company


"Usually when an employee comes in my office about insurance it is to complain. Staff members actually come into my office to tell me how great their experience was using SwiftMD!  It is an amazing program!!"

Human Resource Administrator Car Dealership


"This is a fantastic service. I will reccomend to others, and use again. Was give A+ service throughout the entire process."

Administrator Community College


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