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How SwiftMD works with your company:

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How SwiftMD works with your company

What is covered under the cost of a group plan?

Plans are customized for each company, and costs vary according to the number of members and the level of member benefit covered.

In addition to 24/7 access to consults with U.S.-trained physicians, membership fees include access to our online database, members' patient health records, and other member tools and services.

Will my employees like SwiftMD?

Yes. With SwiftMD employees enjoy greater convenience, better access to care and more control over their healthcare dollars. What’s not to like? Employees receive a membership card and a welcome letter to introduce the advantages SwiftMD and get started using the service.

What kinds of businesses benefit from SwiftMD?

Most businesses of any size in any industry can benefit from a SwiftMD plan. It doesn’t matter if you currently self-administer, offer a traditional indemnity plan or don’t offer health benefits of any kind. We can show you how to provide an affordable, effective benefit to your employees.

SwiftMD is especially valuable if you have a healthy, tech-savvy workforce; established management program; employees who travel extensively; or the potential for high workers’ compensation rates.

Does SwiftMD work with my existing healthcare plan?

Yes. SwiftMD is not health insurance, nor merely an advice line. It’s a supplemental health benefit that provides convenient access to non-emergency medical care. SwiftMD complements whatever insurance plan you offer, or provides a high-value, stand-alone benefit. SwiftMD dovetails perfectly with consumer-directed health plans and is a qualified expense for FSAs, HRAs and HSAs.

Is use of SwiftMD covered by health insurance?

Some insurance companies have started covering telemedicine consultations phone, video conference or email. Contact your insurance company to find out if they will reimburse for your SwiftMD visit, or if they are considering covering telemedicine in the future.

Will my company save money?

Because SwiftMD is flexible and provides cost containment on the care delivery side, most companies experience significant savings. Combining SwiftMD with an HSA, High-Deductible Health Plan or other consumer directed benefit product can result in significant savings.

How does SwiftMD work?

What are the benefits of the SwiftMD electronic medical record?

Our electronic medical record allows us to track and store information about patients' medical history for continuity of care.  Also, unlike most hospital and physician records, members can access their SwiftMD Personal Health Record any time they wish by logging into the SwiftMD member portal. Members can also download and print their visit notes to share with their other doctors.

How do I know SwiftMD doctors are good doctors?

Our doctors are American-trained, board-certified emergency and family medicine specialists. Emergency and family medicine are ideal specialties for telemedicine since our doctors deal with the broadest range of medical conditions, from relatively minor to life threatening. In addition, our doctors are carefully screened to ensure their excellence as intelligent, sympathetic, and safe providers. We believe our doctors are the best you’ll find in any telemedicine company.

How do SwiftMD doctors diagnose by phone or videoconference?

SwiftMD doctors are family practice and emergency physicians, trained to diagnose a broad range of illnesses and injuries.

Diagnosing most conditions depends on a carefully crafted interview process in which a physician applies a set of logic-driven questions to determine the cause of a problem. This careful process narrows the cause down to the most likely diagnosis. At times, referrals to providers in other healthcare settings will be required to determine or confirm a diagnosis.

Can all of my employees and their families participate?

We let you set the rules of eligibility for your employees' participation in SwiftMD. Most companies include all employees and their family members who are covered under company health plans. Some also offer SwiftMD to all benefits-eligible employees, and even to all employees including part-timers who may not be covered under a company health plan. SwiftMD is an affordable benefit that all employees will value and appreciate.

Can my employees get prescriptions and refills through SwiftMD?

SwiftMD doctors can order prescriptions when they provide a consult and determine that a medication is indicated for treatment.  SwiftMD does not provide routine prescription refills, but can provide stop-gap refills for employees who are traveling or can't get in to see their regular doctors for a few weeks.

When a doctor determines a prescription is indicated, it is sent to employees' preferred local pharmacies for convenient pick-up. However, SwiftMD physicians may not prescribe controlled substances, including narcotics, the sleep aids Ambien or Restoril, benzodiazepines, medications prescribed for weight loss, erectile dysfunction, or psychiatric medications (including refills) such as SSRIs, tricyclics, and antipsychotics.

Do my employees get a good value?

The average cost of a visit to the ER in the U.S. exceeds $1000, which is many times more than the cost a SwiftMD consultation. Our emergency-trained doctors can advise your employees if an ER visit is necessary. This benefit alone saves time and money, limits work loss and helps employees avoid the long waits and chaotic conditions of many hospital ERs.

How do I know that SwiftMD doctors will provide good care to employees?

SwiftMD is committed to providing excellent doctors to our members.  Our doctors are American-trained, board-certified emergency and family medicine specialists.  Emergency and family medicine are ideal specialties for telemedicine, since our doctors deal with the broadest range of medical conditions, from relatively minor to life threatening.  In addition, all our doctors are carefully screened to ensure excellent competence and track records.  In fact, we’re proud to say that our doctors are the best you’ll find in any telemedicine company today.

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