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1. Save thousands of dollars annually.

By re-directing care from traditional high-cost healthcare venues to SwiftMD, SwiftMD offers significant savings that can truly impact a company's cost for employee healthcare.

2. Save big on downtime, too.

Because SwiftMD provides medical care to anyone, anywhere, members don't have to leave work for a half day to see a doctor. Minor workplace injuries can be addressed without the employee leaving the premises. A company with 1,000 employees could save thousands of hours annually, for an enormous boost in productivity.

3. Increase usage of wellness programs.

Studies show that ready access to care improves the effectiveness of wellness programs, and wellness programs help keep insurance rates in check. This is especially true for large organizations that self-administer their healthcare benefit plans.

4. Enhance employee satisfaction.

SwiftMD makes it easy for members to get the care they need at affordable out-of-pocket rates. Patient satisfaction decreases turnover and increases productivity. That’s good news for your bottom line.

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