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Working at his desk, one of your employees notices a dark ring on his forearm.

Yesterday there was nothing, and now his forearm is sore, bruised and swollen. He’d like to have a doctor take a look, but he has an important meeting coming up, and he can’t afford to miss work to drive across town and sit in an urgent care center waiting for a consultation. You suggest he call SwiftMD.

In short order, a SwiftMD physician calls him back and asks a series of questions: Do you have a fever? Are there streaks around the bruise? Is there a bug bite? When did you first notice the swelling? The physician suggests your employee take a picture of the bruise with a cell phone and upload it.

Result: the doctor diagnoses an infected insect bite, calls in a prescription for antibiotics, and emails a list of symptoms to watch for, which might indicate the need for additional care. The employee attends his meeting, then grabs the prescription on his way home from work. Simple as that.

An employee's child wakes up sick at two in the morning.

A mother feels her young son’s forehead. He’s burning up. Mom thinks she’ll have to take him to an emergency room.

Then she remembers the SwiftMD membership that’s part of your group plan. Instead of getting dressed and racing across town in the middle of the night, she picks up the phone and requests a consultation. She answers a few simple questions and is informed a physician will call shortly.

About 20 minutes later, the phone rings. The SwiftMD physician solves the problem—at a small fraction of the cost and with none of the inconvenience of a visit to the ER.

The next day, the employee tells the story and says the two words every HR administrator likes to hear: "Thank you."

One of your workers hurts his back lifting a box.

As his supervisor, you’re responsible for completing a workplace injury report and sending the employee for immediate medical evaluation. That means leaving work for an unknown time, work-arounds to cover the missing employee’s work and lots of documentation.

Not anymore. The employee simply calls SwiftMD. The doctor determines the injury is likely a pulled muscle. He recommends ibuprofen, suggests you find alternative tasks for the employee for the next two days, and recommends parameters for those tasks.

It’s the easiest worker’s compensation injury you’ve ever dealt with. No one had to drive across town to see a doctor, so the issue was resolved in an hour instead of a day. You and your employee could go back to work and be productive. The cost was a fraction of what it might have been for an in-person or ER visit. And the SwiftMD doctor provides you with the information necessary to easily complete the compensation forms.

The next day, a SwiftMD physician assistant calls to make sure the employee is improving. Imagine that, the doctor’s office calling to check on the patient!

You're with an employee who's sick, and you're 2,000 miles from home.

She felt fine when the two of you boarded the plane this morning. Now, eight hours later and 2,000 miles away, she’s miserable. Her head and ears hurt, she’s losing her voice, and you’re counting on her for a major presentation tomorrow. You think she’s gotten the flu. But how serious is it? And who can you see at 9:00 p.m. so far from home?

You suggest she connect with SwiftMD on her laptop. About 15 minutes later she has an emergency-trained physician on a video conference. The doctor determines that it may be bacterial pneumonia, but advises her that an x-ray and ER visit are not necessary.  He faxes the prescription she needs to the pharmacy one block away.

The next day, instead of having been up all night in an ER, your employee says she slept comfortably and feels much better. “The medicine made a big difference.” Her presentation is flawless.

One of your employees runs out of medicine at the worst possible time.

After an hour at his computer, he feels it coming on: a migraine. He’s been getting these debilitating headaches for years and knows the only way to stop one is to take Imitrex. But he discovers his bottle of medication is empty.

So he consults with a SwiftMD physician online, and immediately the prescription is called in to a pharmacy around the corner. The employee gets fast relief.

At a company meeting your employees complain about the rising costs of healthcare and insurance.

Forced by rising costs, your company chose a high-deductible plan six months ago. This led to considerable cost savings by shifting much of the cost of routine and urgent care onto employees. One employee says, "My kid gets sick. I get a bill for $500 and none of it is covered. Isn’t there a better way?" So you pose the challenge to HR.

They return with a progressive answer: include SwiftMD in your benefits package. Unlike traditional insurance, SwiftMD works with consumer-directed insurance products like Healthcare Savings Accounts and High-Deductible Plans. It provides a cost-effective way for employees to access routine and urgent care via telemedicine.

It’s also affordable for you. On average, memberships cost a few dollars per month, per employee. Even better, SwiftMD helps maximize employee contributions to medical savings accounts by promoting wellness and providing exceptional value.

So you implement the plan. At the next company meeting, you hear people talk about how much they like the convenience of SwiftMD and the ability to get medical care 24/7. If only all of your HR problems were so easy to solve!

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