How it Works

Healthcare is only as good as the doctor providing it.

Ensuring our doctors are the best in telemedicine.

SwiftMD believes physicians trained in Emergency and Family Practice Medicine are best qualified for telemedicine. Our doctors treat a wide range of conditions, from relatively minor to life threatening—and that makes them the best general medicine doctors available.

We choose doctors who:

  • Are American-trained in Emergency and Family Practice Medicine, and are board-certified.
  • Are trained in telemedicine.
  • Have worked a minimum of five years in Emergency Medicine.
  • Are experienced at diagnosing a range of illnesses and injuries

Other telemedicine providers — and most urgent care centers — don’t offer access to the level of physicians we do. Our ER-trained doctors know when you can be safely treated with telemedicine, and when you need a referral to in-person emergency or specialty care. Plus, once you find a SwiftMD physician you’re comfortable with, you can request him or her for each consultation.

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Telemedicine is Good Medicine

Safe, Effective Healthcare that's Convenient and Cost-efficient

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