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Think of the goods and services you can buy online right now—banking services, airline tickets, books, games, clothing, you name it. You can locate, research and purchase almost anything over the Internet. The Internet has helped give consumers instant gratification and has made us an on-demand society.

Traditional healthcare remains the opposite of on-demand. You wait for an appointment. Wait in traffic to get to your appointment. Wait for the doctor. Wait for your prescription. And so on.

Thanks to telemedicine the waiting is over. More and more consumers are joining the revolution. With SwiftMD, the convenience and ease of access now applies to healthcare:

  • You can talk to a doctor via the Web or phone. You can videoconference with a physician via your computer webcam. No longer must you drive across town or wait in a crowded ER to get the care you need.
  • Your care is tracked with a sophisticated electronic medical record that lets you view your physician’s notes, follow your treatment history and track your prescriptions. You can share this record with your family doctor or specialists. And it’s available anytime.
  • You can refill prescriptions, access extensive health information, and much more.

Most important, your information is strictly confidential. Electronic medical records reside on a separate, secure server accessible only to your SwiftMD doctors. Storage of your information complies fully with all HIPAA regulations and patient privacy laws.

A revolution for businesses, too.

Companies spend, on average, more than $1,300 per month on health benefits for each employee and their family. As healthcare costs continue to rise, more and more companies are shifting from traditional coverage. Large employers are self-insuring or working with industry trade groups to create limited insurance pools.

Other companies are offering a combination of HSAs, HRAs and higher-deductible plans. Such consumer-directed insurance lets employees put pre-tax contributions aside for routine and urgent care expenses, while maintaining high-deductible insurance for major medical.

Created to work with these progressive benefits, SwiftMD:

  • Helps employees reduce their out-of-pocket costs for healthcare.
  • Offers an unmatched level of convenience so employees actually use it, which means illnesses and injuries are treated early on, heading off more serious problems.
  • Helps employees maximize use of their medical savings accounts, because an average consultation costs less than one-tenth of what an average urgent care visit to an ER costs.

By leading the way in working with progressive companies, SwiftMD is revolutionizing healthcare for businesses and employees.

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