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SwiftMD for Individuals and Families

Membership in SwiftMD makes access to quality healthcare convenient and affordable. For low monthly fees and a reasonable consultation cost, you can call one of our top-notch physicians for advice for yourself or your family whenever you need to.

24/7 Access to Healthcare

You’re busy. So why drive across town and wait in a doctor’s office to get the healthcare you need? How often have you waited in a doctor’s office thinking, “Isn’t there a better way?” There is. As a SwiftMD member, you’ll have access to emergency-trained physicians anytime of the day or night.

Exceptional Care

ER doctors treat a wide range of conditions, from relatively minor to life threatening—and that makes them the best general medicine and telemedicine doctors. All SwiftMD physicians are emergency-trained. Other telemedicine providers, urgent care centers, and even many hospital ERs don’t offer SwiftMD’s quality of physicians.

Affordable quality

SwiftMD offers access to exceptional physicians, and nationwide prescriptions at an affordable price, and will soon introduce a powerful self-diagnosis tool on the member site. In fact, the cost of a single routine doctor visit is higher than our membership fee, and our consultations are about one-tenth the cost of a visit to an ER. And that doesn’t even include the cost of gas to drive across town or the value of the time wasted flipping through ancient magazines in a waiting room.

Coverage that cuts insurance costs

Health insurance is vital for major health problems. But traditional insurance that covers routine care can be very expensive. A more affordable option is to pair SwiftMD with a high-deductible or catastrophic plan. You get the convenient access to routine and urgent care you and your family need at a cost you can afford, while having a safety net in case of a serious accident or illness.

Access to prescriptions when needed

You’re traveling and you run out of blood pressure medication, or the airline loses your bag with your medication, or you get sick and need a prescription. SwiftMD makes it easy to get the medications you need. Our physicians are licensed to prescribe medicine nationwide. With a phone call, we can have your medication refilled or replaced at the pharmacy nearest you—even if you’re 2,000 miles from home.

Meet your doctors

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