Our Doctors

Quality physicians are at the center of all that we do.

Superior training and experience ensure superior care.

Our business model is built around accountability, and that begins with our physicians. All of them:

  • Are American-trained in Emergency or Family Medicine, and all are board-certified
  • Are trained in telemedicine
  • Are experienced at diagnosing a range of illnesses and injuries
  • Have a minimum of ten years practicing medicine

Our doctors are the best in telemedicine.

Other telemedicine providers—and even urgent care centers—don’t offer access to the level of physicians we do. From the basic health and symptom information our members provide, our ER and Family Practice doctors can diagnose the majority of illnesses and injuries, order prescriptions, make appropriate references to specialists, and know immediately if the patient needs to be referred to in-person emergency care.

Telemedicine is Good Medicine

Safe, Effective Healthcare that's Convenient and Cost-efficient

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