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What is SwiftMD?

SwiftMD is a telemedicine service that delivers quality health care directly to patients via phone and videoconferencing. Our members enjoy nationwide access to high-quality U.S.-trained, Board-Certified Physicians, avoiding unnecessary visits and long waits at the ER, Urgent Care clinic or their primary care office for common illnesses.

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What makes SwiftMD different?

It’s easy to use, so you’ll actually use it

SwiftMD makes access to quality healthcare convenient. You’ll have on-demand access to physicians, and your own secure health records, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

High Utilization

Our outstanding promotional material, unique pricing model, ease of use, and our exclusive doctor group gain the highest utilization in the industry.

Our doctors are exclusive and highly-qualified

All SwiftMD doctors are U.S.-trained in Emergency or Family Medicine, and all are Board-Certified with a minimum of ten years of practice experience.

There is no risk to using swiftMD

SwiftMD is revolutionizing healthcare for businesses and employees, and our unique pricing model provides a risk-free benefit. 


How do I get started with SwiftMD?

If you're an employee, contact your employer or HR rep and ask them to investigate the many benefits of SwiftMD. If you're a business or broker, contact us for a customized plan sized to fit.

Can I get prescriptions through SwiftMD?

SwiftMD doctors can order prescriptions when they provide a consult and determine that a medication is indicated for treatment. SwiftMD does not provide routine prescription refills, but can provide stop-gap refills for employees who are traveling or can't get in to see their regular doctors for a few weeks. 

How do I login to SwiftMD?

Click the "Login" button to access the Login page, then enter your username and password. If you've never logged in before, click "Get Started" to retrieve your username and password.

How do I know SwiftMD doctors are good doctors?

SwiftMD doctors are U.S. trained, board-certified Emergency and Family Medicine specialists. Our doctors are exclusive to SwiftMD in telemedicine, which allows us to provide more consistent, quality care for common illnesses. They are carefully screened to ensure their excellence as intelligent, sympathetic, and safe providers. We believe our doctors are the best you'll find in any telemedicine company.

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