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What is SwiftMD?

SwiftMD is the modern version of the house call. We are a leading telehealth service featuring U.S.-trained, board-certified physicians who specialize in virtual doctor visits via phone and videoconferencing, 24/7. We help improve patients’ health quickly and effectively when they are seeking care for many common illnesses and conditions.

What separates SwiftMD from other telehealth services?

We are leading the modernization of routine medical care for patients and reducing costs for our clients. Here are four ways SwiftMD is different from other platforms.

We are fast and easy.

No long, complicated forms or online questionnaires to fill out. Our average callback time to connect to a doctor is 7 minutes.

People love our online doctor services.

We have the highest utilization rate in the telemedicine industry.

Great doctors who work exclusively for SwiftMD.

We select the best doctors who are passionate about online healthcare services. They work exclusively with us in telemedicine, and they develop relationships with our members through repeat virtual doctor visits.

Our no-risk guarantee.

Some say our guarantee must be too good to be true. But once we explain the risk-free guarantee we’re headed toward a mutually beneficial relationship.

Delivering value to patients

Our members can avoid long, unnecessary, and potentially expensive visits to the Emergency Room, an Urgent Care Clinic, or their primary care physician’s office by engaging in online doctor visits. Connecting with a doctor is fast and easy.

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Delivering value to groups and employers

SwiftMD has the highest utilization rate in the telemedicine industry, which translates into triple-digit cost savings.

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Delivering value to brokers and consultants

Our partners appreciate that SwiftMD is a telemedicine platform people use more frequently than any other telehealth service. They know they are bringing a very attractive benefit package to their clients.

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Delivering value to unions

Union members can miss less time on the job by accessing high-quality care conveniently and quickly from the job site, after hours, and on weekends and holidays. Union benefit funds are conserved through lower health care spends.

Delivering value to payors

Our emerging alliances reflect that high-utilization rates benefit everyone through fast access to quality care, high patient-satisfaction scores, and reduced costs for the plan.

Delivering value to higher education institutions

Whether as a component of a student health plan or a stand-alone policy, schools that partner with SwiftMD can offer their students 24/7 access to high-quality care from their residence hall room or home.

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