SwiftMD’s Core Mission

To improve the lives of our members and their families by providing unlimited and easy access to high-quality medical care for the most common illnesses, while providing meaningful healthcare cost savings to our clients.

SwiftMD’s Vision for Telemedicine Platforms

To transform medical visits for many common, minor conditions, connecting you to a quality doctor, and empowering patient care through 24/7 virtual visits.

Why SwiftMD is becoming the telemedicine platform of choice

We have created a quick and easy way for patients and caregivers to connect with physicians for non-emergency medical care.

Our story began in 2007, when a group of pioneering physicians chose to focus on appropriate care and compliance through telemedicine.

SwiftMD reorganized in 2012 to create a positive change in the telehealth space by concentrating on gaining high utilization. We saw this as an opportunity to improve the lives of families nationwide and offset the shortage of primary care physicians by providing easy access to a quality doctor for the care of minor illnesses, 24/7/365.

We set an ambitious goal: Gain the highest utilization in the industry while providing meaningful healthcare cost savings. Our strategy: Create a unique pricing and delivery model that is scalable nationwide.

Less than a decade later, we have achieved our goal by achieving outstanding member satisfaction, by meeting meaningful ROI guarantees, and by developing and retaining exclusive relationships with excellent, patient-focused, board-certified physicians. Our model makes scheduling faster and easier, increases the speed and quality of patient care, and reduces costs for our members and their organizations.

And there’s one more reason why we are leading the virtual doctor revolution: No other telehealth service offers our approach to a risk-free guarantee.

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