SwiftMD: The right choice for your group clients

When you offer SwiftMD's telehealth consulting services to your clients, you do so with confidence. We earn their trust every day.

Brokers and consultants are straight shooters. You know what your clients want, and you work hard to find the best solutions to meet their needs.

Our model puts you in position to help your clients achieve their financial and employee relations goals. The key is our industry-leading utilization rate (over 54%) that helps employees get well fast and reduces costs for self-insured organizations.

Here are five more elements of the story you can share with your clients:

  • Affordability — SwiftMD’s capitated model makes it affordable for members
  • Ease of Use — Members access SwiftMD's telemedicine service online, by downloading the app, or by calling a toll-free number. The choice is theirs.
  • Quality of Care — SwiftMD physicians are experienced, board-certified, and trained to provide great bedside manner during virtual doctor appointments
  • Education — Our educational materials promote SwiftMD effectively to our members; we provide these materials at no additional cost to you or your clients
  • Transparency — Our monthly reports provide rapid insight into the metrics that are important to your clients

You can build your story on our members’ high utilization of our telehealth platform

High utilization equals savings for your clients. When employees access telemedicine in place of in-person care, your self-insured groups see reduced costs. We back up that claim with our no-risk guarantee.

For fully funded groups, SwiftMD reduces absenteeism and presenteeism, providing a benefit employees love. It also offsets the difficulty of increasing co-pays and deductibles to their valued employees.

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