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Information about SwiftMD services

To many, accessing medical care through telemedicine may still seem unfamiliar -- just like online banking was not too long ago. You may find the answers to some of your questions posted below. Contact us if you have any concerns we haven't addressed.

Answers to common questions

Don't I need a physical exam to be diagnosed?

SwiftMD has carefully developed Scope of Practice Guidelines for the safe practice of telemedicine. If your condition requires a physical exam, we will let you know. Our Exclusionary Criteria also detail the conditions that are unsafe for telemedicine. Many medical conditions, however, can be effectively diagnosed and treated via a phone or video consultation with a SwiftMD physician.

How do I know I'm talking to a doctor?

SwiftMD consults are provided by physicians only. SwiftMD's physicians are all U.S.-trained and Board-Certified specialists in Emergency and Family Practice medicine. Board-Certification demonstrates a physician's exceptional expertise in a particular specialty and/or subspecialty of medical practice.

In addition to working with SwiftMD, all of our doctors work clinically in other settings, either hospital Emergency Departments or private practices. This allows them to maintain their skills and keep their medical knowledge current.

How do I know SwiftMD doctors are good doctors?

Our doctors are U.S-trained, Board-Certified Emergency and Family Practice specialists. Emergency and family medicine are ideal specialties for telemedicine since our doctors deal with the broadest range of medical conditions, from relatively minor to life threatening. In addition, our doctors are carefully screened to ensure their excellence as intelligent, sympathetic, and safe providers. We believe our doctors are the best you'll find in any telemedicine company.

How do SwiftMD doctors diagnose by phone or videoconference?

SwiftMD doctors are Family Practice and Emergency Physicians, trained to diagnose a broad range of illnesses and injuries.

Diagnosing most conditions depends on a carefully crafted interview process in which a physician applies a set of logic-driven questions to determine the cause of a problem. This careful process narrows the cause down to the most likely diagnosis. At times, referrals to providers in other healthcare settings will be required to determine or confirm a diagnosis.

How does SwiftMD keep my healthcare information safe, secure, and private?

SwiftMD is committed to protecting the privacy, security, and integrity of individually identifiable health information received from or on behalf of our members. All SwiftMD systems and processes are HIPAA compliant. This means your SwiftMD Electronic Health Record (EHR), where the doctor charts your visit, and your Personal Health Record (PHR), where you can view your visit notes on the member site, are maintained on secure servers. In addition, encryption technology is used to protect your information during data transmission. Back-up servers protect your information in case of blackouts or other service disruptions.

If you choose to communicate with us by email, you should be aware that the security of incoming email is not secure. By sending sensitive or confidential email messages that are not encrypted, you accept the risks of such lack of security and possible lack of confidentiality. If you elect to communicate from your workplace computer, you also should be aware that your employer and its agents have access to email communications between you and us.

What if I have a question about my treatment?

We are available to address any concerns you have. Please use Contact Us to send us a message, or call our toll free number 24/7: 833-SWIFTMD (833-794-3863).

Scope of Services

Can I call SwiftMD for a second opinion for myself and family members?

SwiftMD doctors can help you process information received from another provider, and we would be happy to answer your questions. However, if we do not have a medical record for the patient, we will not be able to provide formal medical advice, offer treatment, or prescribe medications.

Can I get prescriptions through SwiftMD?

SwiftMD doctors can prescribe medications when appropriate. Prescriptions can be sent to your preferred local pharmacy or to a pharmacy nearby if you are traveling.

However, SwiftMD does not guarantee a prescription will be written, and SwiftMD physicians may not prescribe controlled substances, including narcotics, the sleep aids Ambien or Restoril, benzodiazepines, medications prescribed for weight loss, erectile dysfunction, or psychiatric medications (including refills) such as SSRIs, tricyclics, and antipsychotics. Prescriptions for medications used to treat chronic conditions should be refilled by your Primary Care Provider or specialist physician.

Can I give my SwiftMD record to my other doctors?

Yes. You can download your SwiftMD Personal Health Record to share with your other physicians. Simply log into the member portal and click on Personal Health Record in the Tasks sidebar. Then click Download Health Record to download a PDF that you can print and take to your doctor.

Can SwiftMD replace my primary care doctor?

No, SwiftMD does not replace your primary care doctor, and chronic and serious health conditions should be managed by your primary care or specialist physician, including medication refills. However, for non-emergent medical conditions, SwiftMD doctors can provide many of the services that your doctor currently provides, and do so at your convenience. Our 24-hour, 365-day-a-year service lets you decide when you want a consultation.

Can you treat obesity?

SwiftMD doctors are trained in the safest and most effective ways to medically manage weight, and can give you some advice to get started. However, weight management can be something that does need careful monitoring and follow-up, and they may recommend your primary care doctor or specialist do the chronic management of your weight. SwiftMD doctors do not provide prescriptions for medications used for the purpose of weight loss.

Do I have to be a member to talk to a SwiftMD doctor?

Yes. Your membership and the electronic medical record that is created when you are enrolled are the most reliable ways of making sure our doctors have the information they need to diagnose you safely. Your membership and EMR are essential to SwiftMD's relationship with you as a patient.

Since our doctors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you may talk to different doctors depending on when you call. Your membership and timely updates to your medical history allow your SwiftMD doctor to provide you the best and safest possible telemedical care.

How quickly can I talk to a SwiftMD doctor?

You can expect to get a call back from a SwiftMD doctor within an hour of making your request, and usually in less than thirty minutes. When you are expecting a call, please be sure to keep yourself available.

How will SwiftMD doctors know my medical history?

When you become a SwiftMD member, you can provide your medical history in your online account. Each time you consult with a SwiftMD doctor, diagnosis and treatment notes are added to your SwiftMD medical record, and you are requested to post updates as your medical condition and history change. The result is an up-to-date record that is available to SwiftMD doctors when you call. Your Personal Health Record can also be downloaded from the member site, and printed for your other medical providers.

Is it ever unsafe to treat someone using telemedicine?

Some aspects of a person's medical or personal status make it unwise to treat them telemedically. Our Exclusionary Criteria detail the conditions that are outside the scope of safe telemedicine practice. When you consult with a SwiftMD doctor, you may be advised to seek treatment from a doctor in person, or to go to an ER.

Is SwiftMD designed to deal with medical emergencies?

No. SwiftMD is for the diagnosis and treatment of routine illness and injury, as well as sudden onset, non-emergent conditions such as back pain or fever. True emergencies should be treated in the Emergency Department of a hospital. If you are uncertain, our doctors can help you decide when a visit to the ER is necessary.

Is the service safe for my children?

A parent or guardian can schedule a SwiftMD consult for their children, and must be available to participate in all SwiftMD physician consultations with minors up to the age of 18. A child should be able to localize and describe the problem. If he or she cannot, please contact a pediatrician, or if it is a life-threatening emergency, take your child to a hospital Emergency Department.

SwiftMD is not recommended for children under age 3 as they cannot be relied upon to adequately describe their symptoms. Children under age 3 also have more limited reserves, may quickly deteriorate and often require an in-person examination by a doctor.

Managing appointments

Can my spouse and I both make appointments for our children?

Yes, up to two adults can be registered as guardians for a minor child (under age 18). Login to either membership, and you will have the option of making appointments for custodial members on your account. A guardian member must be present during a consultation for a member under 18 years of age.

What if I miss the doctor's callback?

If a SwiftMD doctor can't reach you, the doctor will mark your call "No Answer." You will receive a text and email asking if you would still like a callback. All you have to do is click a link to reactivate your appointment so you go back to the top of the queue. 

You can expect a callback within an hour of your appointment time. Please be sure to keep yourself available for the doctor's callback.

Why can't I see the patient history of my spouse/significant other?

In order to comply with patient privacy regulations (HIPAA), patient information for adults, including children 18 and over, is accessible only by that patient. Adults should login using their own usernames and passwords to review their patient notes.  Adult members can make appointments for other adults in the membership, however.

Other adult members in your account can retrieve their login credentials by clicking Get Started.

Can I talk to the same doctor again about my condition?

You cannot schedule an appointment with the same doctor, though you can schedule a consultation with an On Call doctor whenever you need to.

All of our doctors are U.S.-trained Family Practice and Emergency Physicians. All have access to your treatment notes, and follow the same treatment protocols. Another SwiftMD doctor will have no problem providing a follow-up consultation about the same condition.

If you have specific questions or feedback about your consultation, please Contact Us.

How do I know if telemedicine is right for my condition?

SwiftMD doctors are qualified to treat many routine medical conditions, as well as sudden onset, non-emergent conditions.

You should call 911 immediately if you are experiencing a life-threatening condition. Our doctors, who are all trained Emergency and Family Practice physicians, are also available to help you or your loved ones navigate a true emergency, while you are seeking other care in person with your doctor or an ER.

For more information, please review the Conditions We Treat.

Medical Records

Can I give my SwiftMD record to my other doctors?

Yes, you can download your SwiftMD Personal Health Record to share with your other physicians. Simply log into the member portal and click on > Personal Health Record under My Health.