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Getting started with SwiftMD is easy!

Once you are registered as a SwiftMD member, you can schedule a consult with a doctor anytime by calling (833) 980-1442.

Register today!

  • Go to member login and click "Get Started"
  • Click "Lookup Account," and enter your information, including Group Passcode: HCOK20
  • You will receive an activation email with a link to access your account
  • Please be sure to log in to complete the registration process

Provide your security information

During your registration you will provide your email and cell phone number, and set up a security question and answer. You can also choose multi-factor authentication, which is recommended to optimize security on your online account.

Set up your Personal Health Record

Registration also includes medical history questions, including listing any medications you are taking to manage ongoing conditions. After a SwiftMD consultation you will be able to review the physician visit notes in your Personal Health Record online.

Provide your Pharmacy Information

You'll save time by adding your preferred local pharmacy to your membership record. That way when you schedule a consultation with a SwiftMD doctor, we'll already have the information.

Schedule a consultation with a SwiftMD doctor

Login in anytime 24/7 to schedule a consult with a doctor, or call our toll-free number 877-999-7943. It's easy, and it's available to HealthChoice participants and their covered family members anytime, anywhere!

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