The on-demand care life demands.

U.S. board-certified physicians are just the beginning

24/7 access to doctors

When you request a consultation, one of our on-call physicians promptly responds. SwiftMD physicians are trained in Emergency and Family Medicine, so no matter which physician returns your call, you’ll receive excellent care. Consultations can be handled over the phone or videoconference. Our members frequently consult physicians about routine illnesses, minor injuries, nagging health concerns, medication questions and requests, wellness issues and to get second opinions.

Exceptional Care

SwiftMD doctors are all U.S.-trained in Family Practice and Emergency Medicine. ER and family doctors treat a wide range of conditions, from relatively minor to life threatening—and that makes them some of the best general medicine and telemedicine doctors.

Access to Prescriptions

Our physicians can send in a prescription to the pharmacy nearest you—even if you’re traveling or on a job site. SwiftMD physicians will take into consideration issues of substance abuse, safety, and state-by-state regulation. SwiftMD does not guarantee a prescription will be written, and will not transmit prescriptions for controlled substances.

Secure personal recordkeeping

As part of your membership, you have access to a Personal Health Record. You can enter your personal and family medical history, and each time you consult with one of our physicians, the diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and prescriptions are recorded in a visit note that you can view and download. This gives our physicians up-to-date information about your medical history prior to recommending treatment, and gives you a handy record of the medical care you receive from SwiftMD doctors.

SwiftMD uses encryption technology and privacy and security practices typically used by healthcare providers when gathering, transmitting, and storing personal medical information. You should also protect your privacy by safeguarding your username and password and utilizing the SwiftMD services from a private location.