SwiftMD: The right choice for telemedicine for employers and groups

It’s all about telehealth utilization

When employees and members use virtual doctor visits rather than going to the Emergency Department, and Immediate Care Clinic, or even their primary care physician’s office, they receive a diagnosis and treatment plan fast and at a lower cost.

SwiftMD has the highest utilization in the telemedicine sector, over 54% across all clients in 2020, compared to single digits for most other telehealth offerings. Our high utilization results in significant cost savings for our clients. In 2020 across all clients, savings totaled more than 164% above the cost of the SwiftMD service.

Our utilization allows us to guarantee your savings

We offer a no-risk guarantee for our self-insured clients. It’s a demonstration of goodwill and confidence in our ability to achieve a positive ROI on their behalf.

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Customization is key

Plans are customized for each group, and costs vary according to the number of members and the level of member benefits covered. SwiftMD provides easy implementation and member promotion at no extra cost. After all, high utilization helps everyone.

Most businesses in any industry can benefit from a SwiftMD plan, regardless of the organization’s size, structure, or industry. Whether you offer a traditional indemnity plan, self-administer, or don't currently offer any health benefits, let us develop a SwiftMD plan tailored to your needs.

Let’s make your HR team heroes in the eyes of your employees.

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