Fully insured?We know your pain points.

Capitalizing on the connection between health insurance and telemedicine cures many ills.

Through our successful partnerships with fully insured organizations, we’ve come to appreciate this critical success factor: A vibrant, upfront foundation of a telehealth platform embedded in primary care can make all the difference in the world to your employees and members, and to your bottom line.

When your colleagues can access care within minutes, alleviating the need for costly, additional care, and minimizing or eliminating ever-rising out-of-pocket expenses (especially in high-deductible insurance plans), everyone wins. Everyone is happy.

That’s the recipe for success for our fully insured clients.

Soft metrics capture important results.

How do you measure employee satisfaction? Member productivity? Employee loyalty?

Survey results only go so far. Sometimes "soft metrics" can be the most valuable barometers for success.

SwiftMD reduces absenteeism when employees receive fast, effective treatments for common conditions. SwiftMD reduces presenteeism when employees can focus on their work rather than worrying about a child’s undiagnosed and untreated pink eye.

Our fully insured clients tell us these benefits (and more) are why they are thrilled with their partnerships with SwiftMD.

We've got you covered.

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