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Colleges and universities are adding SwiftMD to their student health plans.

Even healthy young adults sometimes seek medical care, these days more than ever. Think about the utilization of on-campus health facilities.

Campuses that have a student health center can use SwiftMD as an after-hours wrap-around health service. For online universities and campuses that do not have student health centers, SwiftMD is a perfect stand-alone, 24/7 service. Not only does it enhance the student experience, but it lets their parents know you take responsibility for keeping your students, their children, healthy.

SwiftMD can build a customized model that is best suited for your student population

Our success in other vertical markets gave us the experience and resources to expand into the higher education sector. We have established strong partnerships with university health and wellness centers, and we are eager to bring our successful innovation to other institutions around the country.

We believe our 24/7, easy-to-use approach to online doctor appointments is a great fit for college and university students. If you think SwiftMD might be able to address your healthcare pain points, while simultaneously giving students and parents an important and tangible benefit from their school fees, let’s talk about a partnership.

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