Tailoring our telemedicine platform to meet your needs

Customized solutions.

SwiftMD will team up with your health plan to provide customized solutions for every population you serve. Your members will have access to a quality, convenient, affordable healthcare option they will love. You will offer a benefit that members have come to expect, while taking advantage of SwiftMD’s risk-free pricing and predictable cost-structure.

Data points important to payors

  • SwiftMD offers the highest utilization in the telemedicine sector, and that translates to savings for the plan. We guarantee it.
  • By appropriately redirecting patients from costly care venues to telemedicine, you have happy members while controlling costs.
  • Minimize costly visits to the ER and Urgent Care, while improving outcomes when members access prompt and appropriate care from their home, office, or even on the road
  • SwiftMD offers free implementation and engagement materials to ensure we meet our utilization goals – and to ensure you don’t have unexpected costs.
  • Make your plan members happy -- over 99% of SwiftMD members say they would use SwiftMD again!

We've got you covered.

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