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School Districts & Municipalities

School Districts & Municipalities have the same opportunity as self-insured and fully-insured clients in redirecting their employees and dependents from using the Emergency Room, Urgent Care, and Primary Care for many common, minor illnesses.  Employees have access to convenient, quality healthcare, while saving money on co-pays and consult fees.

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Why SwiftMD?

Members enjoy access to high-quality, convenient medical care by phone or video conference 24 hours a day, seven days a week; while saving both your group and members money.

Our doctors are exclusive and highly-qualified

Our doctors are U.S.-trained, Board-Certified Emergency and Family Medicine specialists. Our doctors are exclusive to SwiftMD in telemedicine, which allows us to provide more consistent quality care for common illnesses. In addition, our doctors are carefully screened to ensure their excellence as intelligent, sympathetic, and safe providers. We believe our doctors are the best you'll find in any telemedicine company.

SwiftMD has the highest utilization rate

Our average over 55% member utilization is the highest in the sector. We believe there are two key factors to a successful telemedicine program: (1) quality care (2) high utilization. To gain the highest utilization, we provide outstanding promotional material, a unique pricing model, ease of use, and our exclusive doctor group.

There is a no-risk ROI when using SwiftMD

By re-directing care from traditional high-cost healthcare venues to SwiftMD, SwiftMD offers significant savings that can truly impact a company's cost for member healthcare. In addition, SwiftMD creates a customized plan to allow each client to gain a no-risk ROI.

We have a unique pricing model

We work with each group to provide a unique pricing model that saves money for both the group and member. Average savings per client in 2018 = 136% above cost of SwiftMD service.

It’s easy to use, so your members will actually use it

SwiftMD makes access to quality healthcare convenient. Members will have their own secure health records and on-demand access to physicians, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Why SwiftMD?

When your employees use SwiftMD they are avoiding going to an Emergency Room, Urgent Care Clinic or their primary care doctor for many common, minor illnesses. SwiftMD provides more convenient, quicker access to quality doctors, and members can begin to get well at a much lower cost.

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How much does it cost?

SwiftMD works with each client to develop a competitively priced program. In all cases, we strive to provide a positive ROI.

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Why is utilization so important?

The higher the utilization is the more meaningful the benefit. High utilization translates to more overall wellness for members, more money saved for the group, and more satisfaction for all.

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What is SwiftMD's average utilization?

Over the past year SwiftMD has averaged over 52% in utilization.

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Is it really risk-free?

Depending on your health plan, SwiftMD can create a risk-free program, and our savings guarantees are unmatched in the telemedicine sector.

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How qualified are SwiftMD's doctors?

All SwiftMD doctors are U.S. trained in Emergency or Family Medicine, and are board certified with a minimum of ten years of practice experience.

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