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We have built strong and growing partnerships with self-insured organizations across many industry sectors with an innovative model: We provide specific, data-driven, hard-dollar savings metrics that eliminate financial risk to the self-insured. It’s the foundation of our guarantee.

The SwiftMD Guarantee

We wanted to create a program and contract that allowed companies to eliminate the financial risk of adding SwiftMD to their employee benefits. The agreement uses each client’s specific claim information to develop “Zero” financial risk and can only be achieved through active promotion by SwiftMD and HIGH utilization by the members. Each approved broker, distributor, and account manager can answer any further questions on the “How” of this program.

It’s simple, it’s in writing, and it allows organizational leaders to know that we have eliminated financial risk when choosing SwiftMD.

Data Points for Self-insured organizations

  • SwiftMD can be added as a stand-alone plan, and can be added off-anniversary
  • Our standard, capitated pricing model offers a low per-employee per-month fee
  • All eligible employees are enrolled; eligible dependents are included at no additional charge
  • Introduction and promotional materials included at no additional charge
  • There are no additional charges to the client or members. So, no co-pays, no consult fees, and no limit to the number of virtual doctor visits.

We've got you covered.

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