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Union members embrace the new approach to better health

SwiftMD’s online doctor visits help members get more value from their union dues.

Whether your union represents laborers or service workers, whether they wear hard hats or rubber gloves, whether they work in classrooms or on movie sets, we serve all kinds of union members.

In fact, our first client was a union local. Over the years we’ve found that SwiftMD’s virtual doctor visits for union members and their families are a great benefit that they use extensively.

We know that hitting a monthly minimum for hours worked can be the difference between maintaining and losing your benefits. With SwiftMD, you can be on the job more days by getting well faster, or not needing to be home with a sick family member because their illness or condition was treated quickly.

Our benefits serve members and their eligible dependents, providing fast, effective care, and ordering prescriptions for common conditions when needed. Whether for yourself or for a family member, you can talk on the phone with a SwiftMD doctor and pick up a prescription on the way home. This can save hours of time and help you or your loved to feel better as quickly as possible.

We deliver meaningful cost savings.

By including SwiftMD in members’ benefit packages, union benefit funds save money on their health care spend, while enhancing benefits with a convenient, high quality healthcare service widely used by members and their families. From the union member’s perspective, SwiftMD helps members stay on the job by accessing care conveniently and quickly after hours, and on weekends and holidays.

An engaged, active, and healthy union team is important to unions and the businesses they serve. SwiftMD is proud to support the needs of unions across the country.

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