Hello, member! Let’s help you make your first telehealth appointment

Once you see how easy it is to make an online doctor appointment with SwiftMD, you’ll be using our app for all kinds of care, and you can get prescriptions if you need them.

Here are three easy steps to schedule a virtual doctor appointment

Download our app, log in, or call our toll-free number

It takes about 4 minutes to schedule an appointment. The average wait time for a return call is only 7 minutes.

Talk to a doctor about your condition

Receive an accurate diagnosis and a treatment recommendation fast, without the cost and inconvenience of going to the Emergency Department, an Immediate Care Clinic, or your primary care physician’s office.

Pick up your prescription

The physician who conducts your online doctor appointment will be licensed in your state. If you need a prescription medication, they will send it to your preferred pharmacy.

Our doctors are exclusive to SwiftMD

We hire great physicians with at least 10 years' practice experience, and they work exclusively for SwiftMD in telemedicine. They have chosen to work with us exclusively because they believe in our mission and our model for enhancing patient care.

And because they work only with SwiftMD, it increases the likelihood that you can have an online doctor appointment with the same physician repeatedly. Your doctor can get to know you, which is a path to better and faster care.

Enjoy 24/7 electronic access to our doctors and your records at no cost to you!

You can have an online doctor visit any time, on any day of the week. If you have visible symptoms, you can access a videoconference or upload photos to discuss with your SwiftMD physician.

Your membership fee for SwiftMD is paid by your company, union, school, or association. With SwiftMD, there are NO out-of-pocket costs, NO co-pays and NO consult fees for members and their dependents.

People like us. A lot!

Survey ratings reflect nearly unanimous satisfaction among SwiftMD members

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Your family is part of our family

Adult members can schedule virtual doctor appointments for family who are also SwiftMD members. Parents or guardians must oversee virtual doctor appointments for dependents under age 18. We recommend in-person doctor visits for children under age 3, who may be unable to describe their symptoms. However, our doctors can provide valuable advice to young parents for patients under age 3.

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