Rashes are one of the most common reasons to visit a healthcare provider. Rashes may come from a variety of causes. These may include allergies, contact dermatitis, infections, viruses, auto-immune conditions, ringworm, yeast, insect bites, acne and more. At SwiftMD, our physicians can see your rash via a video conference, or uploaded photos. By asking the right questions, hearing the history of the rash, and then seeing it, we are often able to diagnose the rash and treat it accordingly. An interesting study in JAMA Dermatology showed that a diagnosis via a smartphone picture vs an in person visit, had a correlation of up to 89%.

At SwiftMD, our physicians are well versed in the diagnosis of this condition and will treat it accordingly with an antibiotic. On the very rare occasions where the condition persists you may be directed to seek in-person care. We are always available for a consultation at any time.

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