We can send prescriptions to virtually any U.S. pharmacy

How Prescriptions Work.

  • You’ll give us your preferred local pharmacy when you set up your membership or your appointment.
  • Should you need medication following a consult, SwiftMD doctors use Surescripts — the largest network provider of electronic subscription services – to send your prescription to your chosen pharmacy. Over 95% of U.S. pharmacies are connected to the Surescripts network, including thousands of local independent pharmacies.
  • The pharmacy fills your prescription for convenient pick-up.

It couldn’t be more convenient. Or secure.

SwiftMD physicians may not prescribe controlled substances, including narcotics, the sleep aids Ambien or Restoril, benzodiazepines, medications prescribed for weight loss, erectile dysfunction, or psychiatric medications (including refills) such as SSRIs, tricyclics, and antipsychotics. For managing your ongoing conditions it is best to get your refills from your PCP or the specialist managing your care.

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