Answers to Common Support Questions

What SwiftMD can do for you

How does it work?

Your SwiftMD membership gives you nationwide access to U.S. board-certified physicians via phone or videoconference. The doctor will make a diagnosis, recommend treatment, and send prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy.

What conditions do you treat?

SwiftMD treats many common, routine illnesses and injuries, including sinus infections, allergies and rashes, insect bites and stings, headache, fever and flu, pink eye, joint and back pain, stomach pain, and urinary tract infections. However, it is not designed to replace your Primary Care Physician or specialists managing chronic illnesses or serious medical conditions. For more information review our Exclusionary Criteria.

Can I get prescriptions from SwiftMD?

When a doctor determines a prescription is indicated, it can be sent to your preferred local pharmacy for convenient pick-up. SwiftMD physicians may not prescribe controlled substances, including narcotics, the sleep aids Ambien or Restoril, benzodiazepines, medications prescribed for weight loss, erectile dysfunction, or psychiatric medications (including refills) such as SSRIs, tricyclics, and antipsychotics. For managing your ongoing conditions it is best to get your refills from your PCP or the specialist managing your care.

Getting Started

Do I need to fill out any forms before using the service?

As a SwiftMD member you can simply call our toll-free number, download the app, or click "Log in" to activate your account and schedule a consult with a doctor. After the consult you can review your treatment notes, and you can enter your Medical History at any time, including any medications you are taking for ongoing medical conditions.

How do I access my account?

All SwiftMD programs are group-sponsored. If your employer, union, or school has added SwiftMD to your benefits, your membership is ready to go. Simply download the app, or click "Log In" and "Get Started" to lookup your account.

SwiftMD Doctors

What are SwiftMD doctors' qualifications?

Our doctors are U.S.-trained and Board-Certified in Emergency or Family Medicine, experienced at diagnosing a range of illnesses and injuries, with a minimum of ten years clinical experience. They’re excellent communicators with great bedside manner too.

How do I know SwiftMD doctors are good doctors?

SwiftMD doctors are U.S. trained, board-certified Emergency and Family Medicine specialists. Our doctors are exclusive to SwiftMD in telemedicine, which allows us to provide more consistent, quality care for common illnesses. They are carefully screened to ensure their excellence as intelligent, sympathetic, and safe providers. We believe our doctors are the best you'll find in any telemedicine company.

How does a doctor diagnose using telemedicine only?

SwiftMD doctors are experienced in telemedicine, as well as other clinical settings such as Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centers. They use detailed diagnostic interviews to elicit a patient's symptoms during the consultation. In addition, photos can be uploaded to an appointment for the doctor to review when there are visual symptoms such as rashes, bites, and bruises. Many common, minor illnesses can be diagnosed via such an in-depth interview and photos when appropriate. However, when a physical exam, lab tests, imaging, and other in-person diagnostic measures are needed to make a diagnosis, the SwiftMD doctor will refer the patient to the care that they need.

Can I give my SwiftMD health record to my other doctors?

Yes. You can download your SwiftMD Health Record to share with your other physicians. Just log in to your online account and download a PDF of your complete SwiftMD Personal Health Record, or individual visit notes if you prefer.

SwiftMD and your family

What family members are eligible to join my membership?

If you have your membership as a benefit from your employer, union, or health plan, they set the eligibility rules for participation in SwiftMD. Please contact your benefits administrator for more information.

Can my spouse and I both make appointments for our children?

As long as both parents are listed in your SwiftMD membership, you will both be able to schedule consults for your children. If only one parent is listed in the membership, that parent will need to login or call in to schedule consults for children in the membership. That parent can list the other parent's phone number for the callback. A parent or guardian must be present during a consultation for a member under 18 years of age.

Can I use SwiftMD when I’m traveling out-of-state?

Yes. SwiftMD is a national telehealth provider, and our doctors can provide consultations anywhere in the U.S. When you schedule a consult when you’re out-of-town be sure to update the pharmacy so we can send any prescriptions you might need somewhere convenient for you to pick-up.

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