What Our Members Say

SwiftMD members love the convenience to consult our physicians for advice, medical treatment, second opinions, diagnoses, prescriptions and more–whenever our services are needed.

Some feedback from our members:

  • I just wanted to take a quick minute and say how much I love Swift MD! The doctors are amazing, polite, very thorough and just pleasant to deal with. Thank you from the first person we talk to, to the doctors themselves! Y'all are the best! Hope y'all have a blessed day. 

  • The doctor took time to listen to my daughter's symptoms and was very helpful. Excellent customer service!!!!

  • The doctor was great - knowledgeable and very helpful. I had been suffering for over a week with a sinus infection and recurring fever which kept zapping my energy.  Thought it was a cold/flu.  The doctor gave me an Rx that did the trick and I feel great.

  • The call center rep as well as the doctor who called me were EXCELLENT. They were extremely courteous, helpful and friendly. The doctor listened carefully and was not rushed. I would definitely use this service again and have already recommended it to many colleagues and my HR manager.

  • I feel so much better. I would have waited to go to the doctor until next week, and would have ended up missing a day of work. Thank you!!!

  • This was so easy and simple to use.  I was able to get an appointment, have a consult, and pick-up my medicine in just one hour.  Great service and much better than sitting in a waiting room while feeling sick.  I'll definitely use this service again.

  • Very easy to use and it saved me from taking a sick day and paying two co-pays for doctor's visits.

  • I am thankful I did not have to leave work early, wait another day or two to get an appointment with primary MD, and I was able to receive treatment at home within an hour of scheduling an appointment online. 

  • Doctor was very nice and knew just what was going on and got me feeling better in no time!!

  • This is a valuable service. It got me medical care on a weekend when my doctor was not available. Great service I am so happy that our health insurance provides this service, SwiftMD.

  • The doctor was absolutely polite and professional. He did not "write me off" but was very helpful and answered my questions completely. Thank you.

  • Everything was perfect! Doctor called within 5 minutes of making my appointment. Feeling better already and saved me since my primary care doctor is closed on the weekends.

  • You don't know how much I appreciate this service.  Especially for a condition I get every year.  I truly would have gone to an expensive urgent care visit because I can never get into my doctor.

  • I could not get into my primary provider, so I would have had to spend a fortune at an urgent care facility to treat a common illness. The doctor from Swift was extremely thorough and I was able to get my prescriptions and treatment within an hour.

  • The process was easy right from the start. As sick as I was, on a Saturday, the consultant took care of everything and the doctor listened and swiftly assessed the situation. Excellent! 

  • This service is truly a blessing. You get this kind of service in FEW physicians' offices; the promptness, concern, professionalism, the knowledge.  Truly, thank you.

  • By far amazing service and addressed the issue immediately with appropriate treatment. Will be recommended to family and friends. High rating!! 

  • Thank you for helping me to feel better quickly when I could not fit a Dr's appointment into my busy day.

  • Wow! Nice to be in 21st century. Wonderful quick knowledgeable care. Great way to save healthcare dollars. Thanks very much! 

  • I absolutely LOVE Swift MD!

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