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SwiftMD Wins Oklahoma State Contract To Provide Services To Over Ninety Thousand State And Education Employees

EXTON, Pa., Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- SwiftMD, a privately held, national telemedicine service company, announced today its partnership with Oklahoma's Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES). SwiftMD will provide telemedicine services, via phone and videoconferencing, for the state's self-funded HealthChoice PPO plans, covering 150,000 members and dependents including teachers, state employees and other government employees. The new services go into effect Jan. 1, 2020.

SwiftMD was founded by a group of emergency physicians to give members exclusive access to U.S.-trained board-certified doctors, and avoid unnecessary and costly visits to the ER and urgent care clinics, and long waits for doctor appointments. In 2012 SwiftMD saw the need to innovate further to address the issue of languishing, single-digit utilization rates that characterize the sector. By pioneering capitated pricing, and focusing on ease of use at every level of the service, SwiftMD has created a uniquely successful telemedicine model, providing positive ROI for clients and real healthcare savings for members.

John Lawlor, CEO at SwiftMD stated, "We partner with companies and organizations nationwide to provide high-quality, cost effective healthcare options. Our unprecedented high utilization rate of over 55% is due to our exclusive board-certified doctors all requiring a minimum of ten years of experience as well as our risk-free pricing model." Mr. Lawlor continued, "It is our pleasure to be working alongside Oklahoma and the people who work for the state to provide them with the best, fastest and most cost effective healthcare."

"After evaluating multiple different companies, OMES chose SwiftMD because of its high adoption rate and unique no-risk approach for our employees," stated Frank Wilson, administrator of OMES's Employees Group Insurance Division. Mr. Wilson continued, "It made sense to partner with SwiftMD to ensure high-quality, cost effective healthcare for our members."

SwiftMD focuses on four differentiating factors:

1. Access to quality, convenient healthcare with on-demand access to physicians as well as secure personal health records
2. Ease of use, with high-touch customer service and a user-friendly online system
3. Doctors that are board-certified and U.S. trained in emergency or family medicine, with a minimum of ten years of experience
4. Revolutionizing healthcare for businesses and employees with a risk-free pricing model

By focusing on these key factors, SwiftMD takes telemedicine paired with electronic tools such as computer-assisted diagnosis and electronic medical records to provide better, more convenient and cost-effective healthcare.

For more information about SwiftMD, please visit us at visit

About SwiftMD:

SwiftMD is a telemedicine service that delivers quality healthcare directly to patients via phone and videoconferencing. Our members enjoy nationwide access to high-quality U.S.-trained, Board-Certified Physicians, avoiding unnecessary visits and long waits at the ER, Urgent Care clinic or their primary care office for common illnesses. To learn more, visit


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