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Are you researching the best telemedicine companies for physicians?

Are you a board-certified physician with at least 10 years in the practice of medicine? Are you interested in delivering the highest quality of care through online doctor visits? If so, let’s talk.

There are many reasons why SwiftMD members love their SwiftMD doctors.

Here’s a stat that might surprise you: More than 99% of our surveyed members say they would use SwiftMD again. That’s as close to unanimous as you can get!

They say they would rather have an online doctor appointment than go to their primary care physician’s office. They feel even more strongly about avoiding a trip to the ER or an Immediate Care Clinic. Why?

  • They know their SwiftMD doctor has lots of experience diagnosing a broad range of illnesses, conditions, and injuries
  • They know that a virtual doctor appointment within minutes of scheduling a visit is a lot better than traveling to the ED or a clinic, possibly waiting hours to be seen, only to have a disappointing experience with an overworked emergency physician
  • They know that SwiftMD creates exclusive relationships with physicians who are dedicated to providing great patient care 24/7. Exclusivity increases the chances that a doctor and member will be able to get to know each other, enhancing the doctor-patient relationship and resulting in better, more efficient care.

Does our core mission resonate with you?

To improve the lives of our members and their families by providing unlimited and easy access to high-quality medical care for the most common illnesses, while providing meaningful healthcare cost savings to our clients.

If it does, reach out and let us know.

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